Je t’en prie- You’re Welcome

Je t'en prie


You're welcome


How to say “YOU’RE WELCOME”  in French

Singuila – Reviens je t’en prie


Bedaya Singuila N’Garoest better known as Singuila (born September 19, 1977 in Suresnes, France) is a French singer of Congolese and Central African descent. Singuila means “thank you” in Sango, a main language spoken in Central African Republic.

He released his debut album in late 2004 entitled On ne vit qu’une fois (literally “We only live once”) produced by Secteur Ä, a famous French rap label. Singles from the album included “Aïcha” and “C’est Trop”.

After a successful launching, he gained popularity in French-speaking countries throughout Europe. He teamed up with the British R’n’B singer Jamelia in 2004, for a French version of her hit song Thank You, which had been successful in many European countries, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The new version was bilingual with Jamelia singing in English, and Singuila in French. The video featured clips of the original English video and new clips of Singuila.

In 2006, Singuila returned with a new album called Ghetto Compositeur. Singles from the album included “Le temps passe trop vite” (literally “Time passes too fast”) and “Ma Nature”, strengthen his position in French R’n’B circles.

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Important note:

  • je t’en prie could also be used to mean “I beg you” 

***  Source: Google Images, tumbler gif  and YouTube

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    September 24, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Vous êtes toujours les bienvenus

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